E-mail Policy
In accordance with guidelines suggested by the American Medical Association, please acknowledge the following when communicating by e-mail with any physician:

1. Please understand that emergency needs cannot be met by e-mail and that e-mail may not be checked on a regular basis. Urgencies should be referred to the office or the 24-hour answering service. Emergencies should be handled by calling “911.”

2. If the problem that you plan to e-mail is complicated or long, it would be better for you to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. If you e-mail an extremely complex problem, we may e-mail you back and ask you to schedule an appointment.

3. Security of e-mail messages is limited by your server, computer, software, browser, and access to your system. Security is appropriately controlled on our web site and email system.

4. E-mail is not a substitute for an office visit and/or physical examination. It is only a convenient means of introduction or communication to handle simple needs, questions, or drawing attention to various aspects of your care.

5. Copies of your e-mail correspondence will be kept in your chart.

6. If you abuse your e-mail privileges, such electronic interaction may be terminated at any time, by e-mail filters and your messages will not be read.

Thank You

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