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Registration Questions:

Q: Do I need a referral to see one of the specialists?
No, you do not, unless your insurance requires one.

Medical Questions:

Q: What does NPO (nothing by mouth) mean?
"Nothing by mouth" means nothing passes through your lips including water, coffee and cigarettes. These directions are for your safety.

Q: If you have been given samples, how do I get more?
If your care giver has given you samples and they worked and you need more, call the office and ask for the nurses voice mail. Leave a message indicating who you are, the medication name and dosage you want, the pharmacy you want the prescription sent to and their phone number. Please call at least one hour before you are planning on going to the pharmacy to get your medication. If the medication has not helped you, leave a message with the nurse and she will talk to the doctor. There may be another medication that can be tried.

Q: How do I get my test results?
When your test has ben completed, the results will be forwarded to your care giver for review. You will be contacted once the review is complete and will be given instructions.

Q: How do I schedule my surgery?
When your doctor has recommended surgery, you can call the office and talk to one of the nurses to set up the date and time. When you call, have several dates in mind. Surgery is done on specific days of the week as a rule and a day may not be available immediately. The nursing staff will set up any additional appointments you may need for surgery.

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Insurance Questions

Q: Do I need to bring in my insurance card?
Yes, bring your card(s) with you to your visit. We will need to copy it to insure your insurance is properly filed.

Q: Do I need to tell the doctor if I have any insurance or demographic changes?
If you have any changes in your insurance, your living arrangements, name changes, etc. be sure to tell the reception staff so the changes can be made to your records.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to get pre-certifications for tests and surgeries?
If your insurance requires one, it is your responsibility to obtain these approvals. Our staff will obtain these for you, if we are informed that you need one.

Q: Is there a fee charged for filling out disability forms?
If the form is related to your work, there is no fee charged. If the form is for a policy that you have to pay your bills etc., a fee will be charged. Complete your portion of the form and bring or send it with your fee to the office. Our staff will complete it and send it on to your insurance company. We will not send the forms back to you.

Q: How do I find out if my insurance will allow me to see one of the Westside doctors? Your insurance company is your best resource. You should also have a provider list you can refer to if your plan restricts who you can see.

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Records Questions:

Q: Can I have my medical records?
Your original medical records, by law, belongs to the clinic or hospital at which you are seen. You do have the right to review your record or, if you wish, for a fee, you may have a copy. Just call the medical records department.

Q: How do I go about getting my records sent to another doctor or facility?
You may request your records sent to another doctor or facility by completing a release form which allows us to forward them. There is a special form that must be completed. You will need to initial the areas for release of the special protected information that your record may contain if you want that information released. You will also need to indicate who you want the records sent to including address information. A fee is applicable unless one of the physicians or the PA are recommending you be seen elsewhere.

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